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The General Missionary Benevolent Association (GMBA) is the Church’s national youth ministry dedicated to the spiritual birth and growth of young people.

God has big plans for this world He created. And each person has a place in the plan. The GMBA inspires our youth with this vision so that they can experience living their best life with God and come to realize that serving Christ (and not ourselves) is what makes life worth living.

Goals for Our Youth

Spiritual birth

Put your faith in Jesus Christ for redemption

Spiritual growth

Develop a strong, ever-improving relationship with Christ


Fellowship, laugh, talk, build lifelong friendships


Feel loved, known, and accepted


Get guidance from experienced leaders as you navigate life


Experience the joy of serving others and sharing your faith

Get Connected. Stay Inspired.


Held annually near Pittsburgh, our youth gather for a weekend of spiritual growth and fun with friends.


Weeklong summer youth retreat to focus on Jesus Christ. The most wonderful time of the year!

Youth in Action

Small-group domestic mission trips that support charitable outreach around the church. Experience the joy of service.

Student Support Program

Encouragement and mentorship specifically for high-school and college students.

Kids for Christ

Children ages 5–12 get fun surprises in the mail to remind them that Jesus loves them.

GMBA Youth Podcast

Thought-provoking discussions and interviews about things that really matter.

Reach Out

Find a local GMBA youth group at a church location nearest you.

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