Education Resources

Tools for teachers

Teachers, this is where you can find lesson plans and teaching resources for church education. Whether you teach for Sunday school, Ladies Circle, or MBA, you can find ready-made lessons for any age group, from preschool to adult.

Lesson Plans

Browse all official Church lesson plans. Sort by student age and topic.

Lesson Sharing

Explore an informal archive of successful lesson plans developed by individual teachers.

Member’s Guide

This instructional guide is geared for newly baptized Church members. It explains the basics of what we believe, what it means to follow Jesus, and how to foster spiritual growth. Whether you’re teaching a new members class or you are a new member yourself, this resource is a must.

Tips for Teachers

When you teach in Church, you lay a foundation of faith that will lead your students to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. What an honor, and a responsibility. These education resources can only take you so far. Here are some suggestions to help take the lesson beyond the lesson plan:

Prayerfully approach lesson preparation

Seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit through prayer, fasting, and daily reading and meditating on God’s word.


Customize a ready-made lesson plan

Make it relevant to your students.


Browse lessons from various grade levels

Find the best fit for your class.

Blend ideas

Blend ideas from various lessons and grade levels.

Add your thoughts

Add your inspired thoughts and ideas.